He has been published in multiple anthologies, magazines and has published poetry collections as well as novels, both horror and fantasy.



Michael Randolph


Michael Randolph is a horror, fantasy author and poet currently residing in San Antonio Texas. U.S. Army veteran of Desert Shield/Storm. In his youth, Michael was introduced to the horror of life and the monsters inhabiting this world overseas in the barren deserts of the Middle East.

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Michael Randolph

Allegories of the Dead
Light fled from the world as legends and myths rose from the ashes to meet humanities need for purpose in a new era. Tales both subtle and gross flourished as the world strove to find a path toward enlightenment. Sinister creatures roamed the land, preying on the innocent. Many became lost in the sands of time has they were regulated to modern retelling, losing the original myth. Uncovered within these pages, they find their way back from the recesses of the void to prey once more on the world.

Descent into Darkness
Stephen McGuire, hunter of the soulless that walks the world, is a man conflicted. A loner by nature, haunted by nightmares of an ancient time and another life, he battles a darkness so sinister it threatens his sanity and his very soul. Banished to a prison in the dark past an ancient terror stirs. Forgotten as the centuries passed by, it waits for the one soul that is fated to release it and with it an evil so terrible and vast the world will never be the same. Driven to the edge of madness, Stephen hunts for the meaning of the dreams and his purpose, putting the world on a collision course with destiny.

From Best Selling and Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Joe McKinney:
"So much of the poetry in this book concerns itself with death, and yet, when you consider the sum of its parts, Missives in Red is very much a book about life. Michael Randolph uses his book, a massive offering that covers a wide spectrum of voices, to shine his light on the dark corners of our lives - and yes, on our follies too. There is pain here, and love; fear, and bittersweet joy; tears, and even laughter. Michael Randolph is a deeply insightful poet to watch."
-Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Savage Dead and Dead City

Michael Randolph is an active member of The Horror Writers Association.

He will be present at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta Georgia in May 2015.
Michael Randolph is the Owner of Eldritch Press.  www.eldritchpress.com

Michael Randolph is a supporting Sponsor for the 2015 World Horror Convention.

Michael Randolph is a Diamond Member of The Songwriters Guild of America 

Michael was the featured Poet for the Month of July at: The Horror Zine.